Morbid Angel and the Decibel Tour rolls into Worcester MA

The Decibel Magazine tour rolled into the Worcester Palladium with full force last night. Contrary to what people say on the internet Heavy Metal is NOT dead, As a matter of fact it's very much alive.

Morris Kolontyrsky - Blood Incantation

The night started out with Colorado based Blood Incantation The band's sound features "a psychedelic take on classic death metal" and melds "technicality with tectonic riffs, cavernous vocals and eerie, Dodsengel-like moments of caustic stillness." The band's lyrics mainly deal with topics such as space and death. They were on fire and the crowd loved them!

Luca Indrio - NECROT

Oakland-based old-school death metal squad NECROT took to the stage next, featuring current and former members of Acephalix, Vastum, Saviours and Watch Them Die. NECROT are one of the most punishing, savage and treacherous death metal acts to ever tread Californian soil and the crowd welcomed them with open arms and mosh pit!

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After Necrot was Immolation out of Yonkers NY Death Metal which is heavy with riffs written in dissonant harmonic patterns, often dueling between the two guitars, to progress songs, typically over complex rhythm and drum patterns.Their riffs are often a mixture of fast tremolo picking and a lot of power chords and pinched harmonics to lay down a wall of sound that many bands have tried to use in their own music. Their guitar parts are often highly complex and technically proficient; drum parts are often written to follow the guitar riffs in a way that is unusual for most death metal. These guys had their shit together and you could tell.

Ross Dolan - Immolation

The headliners Morbid Angel - Trey Azagthoth – guitars, Steve Tucker – vocals, bass, Scott Fuller – drums, Dan Vadim Von – guitars who are one of the most influential and emulated bands in death metal. They definitely brought their A-game to the Palladium and totally crushed it with their bone rattling Death Metal. The first three songs "Piles of Little Arms", Garden of Disdain and D.E.A.D are from their 2017 album Kingdoms Disdained (Silver Lining Music) were met with massive applause and some serious moshing going on in the circle that formed on the floor in front of the stage. That circle continued all night while the band tore through songs from their 30 plus year career. The crowd came to hear some HEAVY METAL and the band obliged. Go see them you will not regret it!

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Steve Tucker - Morbid Angel

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