HeavyFest started out as a dream for Adam Straughn several years ago and this past Saturday night at the Palladium in Worcester Massachusetts that dream became a successful reality. It was not your usual festival as it incorporated several different yet the same in many ways genres of music. Heavy metal, dubstep and rap were among the different styles. The band Asking Alexandria headlined the show with the following supporting cast of bands: Chris Webby, Death Ray Vision, Figure Presents Terrrorvision, Yookie, I See Stars, Obey The Brave, Sayer, Squnto, Sullivan King, The Underachievers, Thy Will Be Done, Concrete Dream, Kyle Goldstein, Uncle Bob and Weapon E.S.P. Each band was welcomed to the stage by an extremely energetic crowd who by all appearances was having a great time. Several times during the night some of the performers went down to the crowd and were greeted with open arms. Sullivan King took a group shot with the people who were right in front of the stage while Devin Oliver from I See Stars jumped up on the rail and sang/with to everyone. J. Costa singer for the band Thy Will Be Done had the whole place chanting "Oli, Oli, Oli" in tribute to their friend Oli Herbert guitarist for All That Remains who passed away last month. Guitarist Kurt Fraunfelter had a sticker on his guitar that read "RIP OLI HERBERT - ALL HAIL THE WIZARD" Asking Alexandria frontman Danny Worsnop referenced the massive Asking Alexandria banners that spanned the entire stage saying it was to compensate for "having small penises". The show started at 5pm Saturday and ended after 1am Sunday. There was two stages so there was always someone playing. It was a solid eight plus hours of music, moshpits and fun! If you didn't make it definitely go next year and in the mean time check out all the artists involved.


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