Awake for Days is definitely awake!

By Kaitlyn Arel

Awake for Days - Stafford Palace Theater.

From discovering Awake For Days on their first ever United States tour with Cold and University Drive at the Stafford Palace Theater in Stafford Connecticut. They are a highly recommend band and deserve all the love and support out there. Awake for Days is a metal-core/rock band from Nuoro Italy which is located on the beautiful paradise island Sardinia. They spend most of their days investing time into their music and it shows. They are Luk4as - vocals, Nin9 - guitars, N1q - bass and Mik3 on drums.

The energy of their performance is out there, they care about their music a lot. When this band is on stage you can see, hear and feel the emotions pouring out of their hearts and souls. To come all the way from Italy to the US to perform their music on tour and certainly care about their music and fans. Doing what they do they are going to push forward onto great things!  For those who like Breaking Benjamin, Five Finger Death Punch, and Slipknot, Awake For Days is a must see band.

For more info about them check out their website

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